The three main principles of Hyperborea. No1: Quality of Experience.

When we decided to start Hyperborea company what was very important to us was that it had to be a tour company with authentic and transparent principles. We wanted to be able to communicate to people that we do not care only about making profit but that we also really to care theoretically and provide practically. 

As the company consists of only two members and a cat we wanted to be certain that the principle will also be realistic for putting them into practice. In the end we managed to narrow down to three main principles. Let me introduce them to you. 

Principle no1: Quality of experience. 

We make sure all our tours offer good quality of experience. What does that mean? 

A good tour should be exciting, informative, and safety driven. Luckily, Evangelos, is not only the founder of the company, but he is also a highly qualified tour guide who combines all these elements. He is a certified member of the Icelandic rescue team, he is crazy fun guy, the Icelandic nature is his second home and he loves sharing his knowledge about it. In other words, he was born to become a tour guide. 

In order for him to be able to offer this quality he had to avoid big groups and tour busses and stick to private and semi private tours. In a big group a guide cannot commit to each individual equally. It is impossible. Therefore, we chose to offer private tours is the only way to go. 

Two more main principles our company is based on and I will introduce them to my next blogs. Stay tuned! 

Written by: Semina Diakopoulou 

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