Whaling in Iceland – Taking a stance for Sustainability

As people around the world focus more on protecting nature and being sustainable, the participation of the Icelandic whaling is highly controversial and a subject of strong disagreement.

While traditions hold significance, it is important that we reassess practices that harm the very creatures we should be protecting. A cultural heritage should be celebrated for its richness, diversity, and respect for nature.

Whales are remarkable creatures that play a significant role in maintaining a healthy balance of marine life. Their presence ensures the survival of numerous species and the overall well-being of the ocean ecosystem. Recognizing and appreciating their significance is crucial in understanding the urgency to protect them.


The Food Agency of Iceland (MAST) has confirmed that there is no humane way to hunt whales. Whales are intelligent mammals that are both important to the marine ecosystem and all life on Earth.

According to the whaling report of the 2022 fin whaling season:

➡ 24 % of the whales were shot more than once
➡ The median time from the first shot to death was 12 minutes
➡ One whale with a harpoon in its back was chased for 5 hours without success.

What we as tour companies can do about it? 

Even though we stongly believe that campaigns and public opposition are effective drivers of change themselves, we also firmly believe that private businesses should also take a stance and actively participate in opposing practices that harm the environment.

Businesses possess the power to shape public opinion and drive change, thereby altering perspectives on whaling and urging the government to take action. With the help of private sector we can collectively protect both our cultural traditions and the amazing creatures that share our planet. 

We as Hyperborea Tour company, we are publicly expressing our stong disagreement regarding whaling in Iceland and we are asking the government to put an end to this cruelty.

Striking a balance between tradition and nature is essential for a sustainable future. 

If you would also like to take a stand in this matter you can sign this international petition.

Together, we can create a future where tradition and nature coexist in harmony. 



Illustration by: Rán Flygenring 


Written by: Semina Diakopoulou 

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