Our Philosophy


Welcome to Hyperborea! 

We are a family business that focuses on the quality of your experience, safety, and environmental conservation. We offer ideal private tours for nature-lovers who want to combine high comfort with adventure, in a sustainable way.

Hyperborea’s vision is to create an experience that goes beyond the common tours that are offered.  We want our guests to connect with the Icelandic nature and to encourage them to surpass themselves and conquer their fears in a safe environment under the supervision of our highly qualified guide. Our promise to you is that once you join us, you will discover not only this unique country and terrain but also your personal boundaries. After all, nothing is impossible unless we are willing to give it a try. 

“Look deep into Nature , and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Who We Are

Founder & Tour Guide

Tour Guide  Founder 

Evangelos is our tour guide. He is a Greek climber, a true nature lover, and an official member of an Icelandic Rescue Team and certified WFR (WILDERNESS FIRST RESPONDER) from NOLS. He loves sharing his knowledge about the Icelandic environment and he is naturally committed to protecting it.

In 2007 he started climbing in various places around Europe. He has been living in Iceland the last 13 years and he loves exploring the beauties of the country while being an active rock and ice-climber.

Travel Consultant & Communicator
Sustainability & Travel Consultant  

Semina is responsible for organizing your tours in order for you to have a truly memorable and safe experience here in Iceland. She is also an experienced researcher and she helps to make Hyperborea fully-sustainable. 

At the same time, she loves taking care of the communication with you, answering all your questions, and assisting you any way possible. She has two degrees in Science of Tourism making her an expert in the field of Hospitality.