Hyperborea Sustainability Principles


Hyperborea puts great effort into providing sustainable private tours. We believe that it is our responsibility to take care of the environment for future generations. Overall, we monitor our carbon footprint, recycle, follow and support the principle “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time”.

More specifically and practically, the company is highly committed to the following actions:

1 | RESPONSIBLE TOUR GUIDE: Our tour guide is an official member of an Icelandic Rescue Team and a very dedicated nature-lover. It is part of his job to raise environmental awareness to our guests, and he is naturally committed to protecting it.

2 | ETHICAL & COMPOSTABLE COFFEE PODS: We believe in complete Supply Transparency. For the coffee that we offer during our tours we collaborated with Volcano Coffee company. It is a sustainable Carbon Neutral Company that supports the farmers’ livelihoods and their coffee pods are fully compostable.

3 | LOCAL PRODUCTS: During our tours we also offer to our guests Icelandic snacks that are produced by local producers. Also, we make a stop in the middle of our route for a break. We take that opportunity to stop at a local food store for traditional snacks. Aiming to empower our local community but also we want our guests to come in contact with the local food.  

4 | ICELANDIC PLEDGE: We support the “The Icelandic Pledge, which is an online agreement designed to advocate responsible traveling. It offers tourists the ability to sign and take a pledge where they promise to respect nature when traveling in the country. We make sure that all of our guests get informed about it before the departure of our tour.

5| MARKETING: We put great effort into marketing and promoting our principles to a broad audience. We not only promote them to our guests but also to readers that visit our websites and social media channels. We truly believe that our content has a great impact.

6| RECYCLE: We recycle all waste at the office, and the coffee including paper, plastic, cans, bottles, and compostable waste. We encourage our team to do so out in the field as well.

7| NO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC: The negative consequences of single-use plastic have been widely discussed and are well-known. In our tours we avoid strictly the use of any single-use plastic item.  No plastic water bottles but a water filter or water dispenser with glasses, our snacks are also offered in paper bags instead of plastic packaging.

8| APPROPRIATE VEHICLE SIZE: We use an SUV- Jeep for our tours. Smaller vehicles in comparison to the bigger ones, such as minivans and buses, are more sustainable as they consume less fuel. In the future we are also interested to replace our vehicle to an electric.

9 | LITTERING: We inform clients of our “Leave No Trace” policy and explain how it applies to them. We carry out what we carry in. Our guides remove all waste from the tour areas we operate in and dispose of any waste found in the area, even when that waste isn’t connected to the operation of our tours. Our guides carefully inspect campsites and rest areas to ensure they are left in the same condition as they were found, if not better. We ensure no contaminants enter water sources or systems.

10| CARBON FOOTPRINT: Even though we are a small family business that provides for maximum 3 persons tours, we still have to be responsible about our footprint.  Therefore, we actively monitor our overall carbon footprint by running value chain emissions calculation methods aiming to each the minimum amount as possible.

We do not stop there. We constantly monitor, re-focus, re-adapt to changes – both environmentally and culturally – to ensure the we provide the balance between limits and usage. Although Hyperborea is working hard in being as sustainable as possible it can always be done better. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.