Hyperborea Sustainability Principles


Hyperborea puts great effort into providing sustainable private tours. We believe that it is our responsibility to take care of the environment for future generations. Overall, we monitor our carbon footprint, recycle, follow and support the principle “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time”. With each private tour we offer, we aim to inspire a sense of environmental responsibility and foster a deep appreciation for the natural world. 



More specifically and practically, the company is highly committed to the following actions:

1 | RESPONSIBLE TOUR GUIDE:  Our tour guide is an official member of an Icelandic Rescue Team and a very dedicated nature-lover. It is part of his job to raise environmental awareness to our guests, and he is naturally committed to protecting it.


As a proud member of Travelife, we are actively engaging in a step-by-step process to align with internationally recognized standards. This commitment underscores our dedication to sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

By joining Travelife, we have taken a significant stride towards ensuring that our operations meet the highest industry standards. Travelife provides a comprehensive framework that guides us in implementing sustainable policies and practices throughout our organization.

We have embarked on a journey of continuous improvement, working diligently to comply with international standards that govern various aspects of our operations. These standards cover areas such as environmental management, social responsibility, community engagement, and fair business practices.

Through a systematic approach, we are implementing measures that align with these standards, step by step. This includes conducting regular audits and assessments to identify areas for improvement and implementing action plans to address them.

As we progress on this journey, we continuously strive to raise the bar and exceed the expectations set by Travelife and other international standards. We understand the significance of our role in preserving and protecting the destinations we visit, and we remain dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact.

3 | ETHICAL & COMPOSTABLE COFFEE PODS: Αt Hyperborea, we uphold a commitment to complete supply transparency. This extends to the coffee we proudly serve during our tours, as we have established a collaboration with the Volcano Coffee company. Known for their sustainable practices and dedication to supporting farmers’ livelihoods, Volcano Coffee company is an exceptional partner.

We have carefully selected Volcano Coffee company based on their commitment to environmental sustainability. They are a carbon-neutral company, meaning they actively work to offset their carbon emissions and reduce their environmental impact. By choosing to collaborate with Volcano Coffee company, we align our values with theirs, promoting responsible choices and minimizing our ecological footprint.

By choosing our tours, you can enjoy a cup of coffee that represents our commitment to complete supply transparency, environmental sustainability, and supporting farmers’ livelihoods. Together, we can make a difference through conscious choices and contribute to a more sustainable future.

4 | LOCAL PRODUCTS: During our tours we also offer to our guests Icelandic snacks that are produced by local producers. Also, we make a stop in the middle of our route for a break. We take that opportunity to stop at a local food store for traditional snacks. Aiming to empower our local community but also we want our guests to come in contact with the local food.

5 | ECO FRIENDLY CARDS: We have chosen to use eco-friendly cards for our company that are made from cotton linters, the fuzzy fibers that surround the seed of the cotton plant, in our operations. Using this material helps to reduce waste and supports a circular economy. Additionally, the production process requires no bleaching, which means that harmful chemicals are not released into the environment.

6| ICELANDIC PLEDGE: At Hyperborea we place great importance on The Icelandic Pledge. It serves as our guiding principle during our travels, reminding us to be responsible and respectful explorers not only in Iceland but wherever we go. We wholeheartedly encourage all our guests to join us in taking The Icelandic Pledge and embrace responsible tourism practices.

The Icelandic Pledge embodies our commitment to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the places we visit. By taking the pledge, we vow to tread lightly, leaving no trace of our presence and ensuring that future generations can also experience the wonders of these destinations.

Safety is of utmost importance, and we pledge to prioritize our well-being and that of others. We will familiarize ourselves with local laws and regulations, heed all safety guidelines, and act responsibly to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for ourselves and fellow travelers.

Together, let us honor The Icelandic Pledge and be mindful stewards of the earth, fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature for the benefit of present and future generations. You can take the Pledge here.

7 | MARKETING: We are dedicated to spreading awareness of our principles to a wide audience through strategic marketing and promotion. Our commitment extends beyond our guests, as we strive to reach readers who visit our websites and engage with us on social media. Through our carefully crafted blogs and impactful posts, we aim to educate and inspire individuals, ensuring our content creates a lasting impact.

By leveraging these platforms, we create a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for responsible exploration. We encourage open dialogue, foster engagement, and provide practical tips and insights that empower our audience to make a positive impact during their own travels.

8| RECYCLING: We recycle all waste at the office, and the coffee including paper, plastic, cans, bottles, and compostable waste. 

9 | NO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC: The negative consequences of single-use plastic have been widely discussed and are well-known. In our tours we avoid strictly the use of any single-use plastic item. No plastic water bottles but a water filter or water dispenser with glasses, our snacks are also offered in paper bags instead of plastic packaging.

10 | APPROPRIATE VEHICLE SIZE: We use an SUV- Jeep for our tours. Smaller vehicles in comparison to the bigger ones, such as minivans and buses, are more sustainable as they consume less fuel. In the future we are also interested to replace our vehicle to an electric.

11 | LITTERING: We inform clients of our “Leave No Trace” policy and explain how it applies to them. We carry out what we carry in. Our guides remove all waste from the tour areas we operate in and dispose of any waste found in the area, even when that waste isn’t connected to the operation of our tours. Our guides carefully inspect campsites and rest areas to ensure they are left in the same condition as they were found, if not better. We ensure no contaminants enter water sources or systems.

We do not stop there. We constantly monitor, re-focus, re-adapt to changes – both environmentally and culturally – to ensure the we provide the balance between limits and usage. Although Hyperborea is working hard in being as sustainable as possible it can always be done better. 

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome! 🙂 

Hydrate Mindfully, Preserve our Planet. The pledge of #Kranavatn

In Iceland, where pure glacier water flows abundantly, the importance of drinking tap water and avoiding plastic bottles cannot be overstated. At Hyperborea, we strongly encourage our guests to embrace the use of refillable bottles, not only for the sake of environmental sustainability but also to fully appreciate the pristine water sources that Iceland offers.

Iceland’s tap water, known as “kranavatn,” is a remarkable gift of nature. It undergoes a natural filtration process as it journeys through ancient glaciers and lava fields, resulting in water of exceptional quality and purity. By choosing to drink tap water, you not only enjoy a refreshing and clean beverage but also directly experience the natural wonders that make Iceland so extraordinary.

Using refillable bottles is a simple yet impactful choice that helps reduce plastic waste and its detrimental impact on the environment. Plastic bottles are a significant contributor to pollution, taking hundreds of years to decompose and often ending up in landfills or our oceans, posing a threat to wildlife and ecosystems. By using refillable bottles, we minimize our contribution to this global issue and take a stand against single-use plastics.

In Iceland, where the availability of fresh and clean tap water is widespread, there is little reason to rely on bottled water. Refillable bottles allow us to enjoy the same high-quality water while reducing waste and preserving the natural beauty of the Icelandic landscapes.

As a responsible travel company, we actively promote the use of refillable bottles among our guests. We provide information and resources to help them understand the benefits of tap water and the environmental impact of plastic bottles. Our aim is to create a culture of sustainability and conscious consumption, encouraging our guests to make a positive difference during their travels.

By choosing to drink tap water from refillable bottles, we show respect for the environment and contribute to the preservation of Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes. We are committed to raising awareness about the importance of this choice and empowering our guests to be part of the solution. 

Join us in embracing the purity of Iceland’s tap water and making a conscious decision to minimize plastic waste. #Kranavatn